We created ParityOS with the aim to offer an all-in-one solution to solve optimization problems on quantum computers. The operating system includes a variety of tools with the compiler at its heart. It translates any optimization problem to a quantum algorithm with tailored hardware-designs using our ParityQC Architecture. This allows hardware developers, end-users, scientists and quantum computing enthusiasts around the world to access the most efficient way to solve optimization problems on quantum computers with a single function call.


Simple interface and easy to use

Using quantum computers still requires a lot of know-how and the sheer amount of knowledge behind it is intangible. We make quantum algorithms accessible for everyone via a simple interface, while ParityOS does all the hard work in the background. It translates optimization problems to quantum algorithms, optimizes the operations, integrates special hardware features and returns optimized chip layouts and the corresponding algorithms.

Always Available:

The quantum operating system in the cloud

ParityOS is an operating system born in the cloud. It is accessible via a webAPI with minimal client software that runs on the quantum device for low-latency executions. Our minimalistic interface makes is simple to be integrated in the existing software stack of any quantum computer. For end-users the availability of ParityOS guarantees a seamless transition from quantum-ready test devices to real quantum computers.

Fully Parallelizable:

The key to scalable and efficient algorithms

The algorithms that ParityOS generates are optimized for efficiency. Reduction of required resources is key, such as number of qubits and number of gates, and is achieved via the ParityQC architecture. In addition, we are able to exploit another crucial advantage: parallelizability. This means the algorithms of ParityOS make use of highly-parallel quantum gates on the hardware level boosting the performance and making hardware design scalable.

The Next-Generation Compiler

ParityOS’s aspiration is to provide the compiler for next generation quantum devices. When building a quantum computer based on the ParityQC architecture, hardware developers also receive the full software stack for using the architecture efficiently. End-users and academics can make use of ParityOS to develop algorithms for next generation quantum computers, with applications that range from quantum chemistry, material science, machine learning to financial optimization.