ParityQC will deliver compiler and error correction codes to DLR within ALQU and R-QIP projects

We’re excited to announce that ParityQC will be collaborating with the DLR Quantum Computing Initiative (DLR QCI) in two ongoing projects, ALQU and R-QIP. These two projects are focused on compiler developments for the DLR QCI’s quantum computers and on quantum error correction, respectively. ParityQC will be involved via a service request as part of our QSea I hardware project for the DLR QCI.

The collaboration is part of the ongoing work that ParityQC is undertaking within the DLR QCI, and the achievements in these projects will be directly implemented in the lab of the QSea I project. QSea I is a large and ambitious project that we’ve been working on for a year, together with our partners NXP Semiconductors and eleQtron. The goal is to build an ion-trap quantum computer in Hamburg which will become operational later this year. In this project, ParityQC is in charge of the co-design of software and hardware, the development of a digital twin, and also the already released compiler, which allows to translate a general quantum circuit into the native gates of the hardware.

The goal of ParityQC’s cooperation with ALQU is to develop customized compilation optimization strategies for the QSea I quantum computer. Our contribution will be, specifically, to develop optimization strategies for the precompiling and compilation steps and to create a benchmarking suite to measure the performance improvements reached by the different investigated strategies. This will benefit the QSea I project by utilizing the full hardware potential in the compilation process.

We will also be working within the R-QIP project (“Reliable Quantum Information Processing”), which is focused on quantum error correction. The overall goal of the project is to improve the reliability of quantum information processing by developing specific hardware-adapted quantum error correction codes. The specific objective of our work within R-QIP is to design the quantum error correction (QEC) codes suitable for the QSea I hardware, by using realistic noise and error models, and performing a proof of concept using the QSea I digital twin (as already developed by ParityQC). The newly developed QEC codes will be highly beneficial for the QSea I hardware and will demonstrate its potential for error correction.

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