ParityQC opens new office in Hamburg


We’re delighted to announce the opening of ParityQC’s new office in the Hamburg city center, located in Schauenburgerstraße 6!

The Hamburg-based team is currently working on our joint projects in Germany, together with our partners from academia and industry. Our overarching mission is to enable hardware developers to manufacture and distribute highly scalable quantum computers, on which industry-relevant use cases can be processed. For this purpose, the ParityQC Architecture and quantum algorithms are being adapted to the specifics of the different platforms for quantum computing, such as trapped ions, neutral atoms and superconducting circuits. We’re very proud of the progress made by our partners and us so far, and we sincerely thank Germany’s Federal Ministry for Education and Research, the Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for the trust in our company and support for our work.

It’s truly an honour to be part of the dynamic quantum ecosystem in Hamburg and Germany at large, which has been established successfully in the last years and is growing rapidly. We would like to thank the City of Hamburg and the Hamburg Quantum Innovation Capital (hqic) for the warm welcome, valuable support, and great networking activities.


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