ParityQC and Pasqal partner to build the first fully parallelizable quantum computer

In the race to build highly efficient Quantum Processors, Pasqal is developing neutral atom-based devices that provide both simulation and computation capabilities with hundreds of highly connected qubits and a broad set of native quantum gates. Thanks to their versatility, the performances of the devices can be significantly improved by adapting the operations and the hardware resources to the desired application 

Designing efficient optimization procedures is the core expertise of the Austrian spin-off ParityQCThe team developed an architecture and algorithms that allow to reduce complexity as well as enable parallelizability and tackle the most computationally intensive problems. All advantages are accessible via their ParityOS operating system. 

Co-developing hardware with quantum algorithms will speed up the demonstration of quantum advantage in solving real world problems. Leveraging the ParityQC design on Pasqal’s 200 qubits processors will be key to reach the market. – Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO of Pasqal

The two companies decided to join their efforts to implement the ParityQC architecture, which is particularly well suited for the Pasqal neutral atom platform. They paved the way for a 3 year collaboration that will lead to major breakthroughs in the field of quantum optimization, solving relevant industrial use-cases. 

Parallelizability will be a crucial next step towards scalability of quantum computers. We believe that combining Pasqal’s highly developed hardware platform with our architecture is a realistic path towards quantum advantage.  – Magdalena Hauser & Wolfgang Lechner, CEO of ParityQC

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