Parity Principles – Universal Parity Quantum Computing

Parity principles universal parity quantum computing

In this new episode of Parity Principles, we take a look at one of the most significant evolutions of our technology: Universal Parity Quantum Computing.

A universal quantum computer is one that would be able to perform arbitrary quantum operations, with countless applications in the real world, going beyond specific applications such as solving optimization problems.

Last year, a group of physicists from ParityQC (Michael Fellner, Anette Messinger, Kilian Ender, Wolfgang Lechner) developed a novel universal gate set for quantum computers based on the ParityQC Architecture, with all-to-all connectivity and intrinsic error correction capabilities. Two papers highlighting this invention were published in Physical Review Letters and Physical Review A.

In this new video, Anette and Michael will tell you more about the intuitions and small breakthroughs behind this invention.

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