Parity Principles – Hardware platforms

Parity Principles - ParityQC Architecture and Hardware Platforms

We’re back with a new episode of our “Parity Principles” series, exploring the concepts that are at the foundation of our work as a quantum architecture company.

This time, the topic is our hardware-agnostic ParityQC Architecture and how it interacts with different quantum hardware platforms. Different hardware platforms have different topologies, different connectivity or different native gates, and our mission is to implement the ParityQC Architecture taking into account the specific features of these platforms to unleash their full potential. The quantum computing platforms that we’re currently focusing on are trapped ions, neutral atoms and superconducting circuits.

Our team members Christian Ertler, Federico Dominguez, Javad Kazemi and Philipp Aumann will introduce to you each of these platforms and how we work with them, contributing to the realization of scalable quantum computers.

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