Parity Principles – Parallelizability and Error mitigation

Parallelizability and error mitigation ParityQC

We’re excited to unveil a new episode of our “Parity Principles” series, where we explore the concepts that are at the foundation of our work as a quantum architecture company. In this new video, Glen Bigan Mbeng, Kilian Ender and Anita Weidinger introduce us to the concepts of parallelizability and error mitigation.

Parallelizability of quantum operations is a key feature of the ParityQC Architecture, and it’s crucial for scaling up to larger computations. Error mitigation, on the other hand, allows hardware developers to cope with the hardware noise and errors which limit performance in NISQ devices. The combination of these two strategies allows to overcome some of the hardest challenges embedded in quantum hardware.

Find out more on the concepts of parallelizability and error mitigation in the following papers:

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