Missing building block for quantum optimization developed

Wolfgang Lechner's research group University of Innsbruck


The research group around ParityQC co-CEO Wolfgang Lechner and Rick van Bijnen at University of Innsbruck reached an important new milestone. The group’s most recent paper, “Quantum Optimization via Four-body Rydberg Gates”, was published in Physical Review Letters, the premier journal of American Physical Society (APS). This paper presents a four-body Rydberg parity gate, the first of its kind, which enables a direct and straightforward implementation of the ParityQC architecture on digital quantum devices. This method, based on neutral atoms, makes it possible to process different types of optimization problems on already existing quantum computers.

This is a novel and really promising approach which we are looking forward to investigating further. Congratulations to Kilian Ender, Clemens Dlaska, Wolfgang Lechner, Rick van Bijnen, Andreas Kruckenhauser, Glen Bigan Mbeng, for the discovery of this missing building block for quantum optimization.

Read the full press release here.

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