Constant depth code deformations in the Parity architecture
Papers Constant Depth Code Deformations in the Parity Architecture
Formulating optimization problems quantum computers
Papers Formulating optimization problems for quantum computing
Quantum Rydberg atoms
Papers A coherent quantum annealer with Rydberg atoms
Error Mitigation for Quantum Approximate Optimization - QAOA
Papers Error Mitigation for Quantum Approximate Optimization
QAOA with parallelizable gates
Papers A parallelizable QAOA with local-only interactions
Modular quantum chip design QAOA
Papers A new modular layout for quantum chips
Universal Quantum Computation
Papers Applications of Universal Parity Quantum Computation
Universal Parity Quantum Computing - ParityQC architecture
Papers Universal Parity Quantum Computing
Quantum computing with Neutral Atoms - four-body Rydberg Parity Gate
Papers Quantum computing on neutral atoms: the novel four-body Rydberg gate
Papers ParityOS: Quantum Compiler
Papers ParityOS: Encoding Constraints
Papers ParityOS: Quantum Algorithm Benchmarks
Papers Parallelizable Gates
Papers Non-adiabatic LHZ
Papers LHZ Architecture for quantum computing