News Quantum Leadership Session – Quantum Error Correction
News Unveiling of the QSea I Quantum Computing Demonstrator
News NXP, eleQtron and ParityQC reveal Quantum Computing Demonstrator for DLR QCI
News Updates and progress of the MUNIQC-Atoms project
News ParityQC will deliver compiler and error correction codes to DLR within ALQU and R-QIP projects
News A new phase begins for the QSea I project
News ParityQC opens new office in Hamburg
QuantiCoM Q2H DLR ParityQC molecular simulation on quantum computer
News ParityQC is awarded contract by DLR for QuantiCoM Q2H project
News ParityQC at IEEE Quantum Week 2023
ParityQC Architecture on NEC chip
News World’s first chip based on the ParityQC Architecture
News A new quantum annealer by NEC based on the ParityQC Architecture
News ParityQC at World of Quantum 2023
planqc ParityQC
News ParityQC is a partner of planqc in new project for DLR
PASQuanS2 ParityQC
News ParityQC is a member of PASQuanS2 project
ParityQC APS march meeting
News ParityQC at APS March Meeting 2023
News A novel method of universal quantum computing
News ParityQC awarded contract by the German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Wolfgang Lechner's research group University of Innsbruck
News Missing building block for quantum optimization developed
Qsolid superconducting quantum computer
News ParityQC joins newly launched QSolid project in Germany
News ParityQC is a member of QuaST consortium in Germany
News eleQtron and ParityQC collaborate on ion-trap quantum computing
HPCQS high performance computer quantum simulator
News ParityQC is a partner of supercomputing initiative HPCQS
News NEC and ParityQC to develop highly-scalable, practical quantum annealing devices
News ColdQuanta and ParityQC aim at Quantum Advantage with Optimization problems